Paranormal Romance

Love Once Again
Love Once Again

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Jo Ann Simon

Book Two of The Love Once Novels

A twist of time had swept them into each other's arms....but a sad turn of fate just as suddenly swept them apart.

On New England Christmas morning, Jessica, with their infant son in her arms, crosses their bedroom to greet Christopher. But before she has a chance to reach him, his image seems to fade and his welcoming smile becomes a look of alarm. He reaches out his hand to her. She thinks she has grasped it. Yet instead she finds herself in small and very cold nineteenth century cabin, alone with their child...while Christopher finds himself in a New York City rooming house, without his wife and son.

Agonized by memories of their magical time together, each is forced to carry on— Jessica as a servant in a wealthy farm household. Christopher adjusts to finding a career in early nineteenth century New York.

Will the love they have shared remain only a memory...or will fate allow their paths to cross again? Can even a love as strong as theirs overcome...for all time?


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