Paranormal Romance

Touch of Heaven
Touch of Heaven

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Virginia Brown

Only in Texas can a lovely young woman like Susan Whitten hold on to her land and her pet pig with equal tenacity. She stands to lose her ranch if she's not able to get a bank loan, and the new brooch she just inherited may well be the lucky charm she needs to help her convince handsome Hunter Carson to grant her that loan.

Only in Heaven can a guardian angel like Tabitha make arrangements for her descendant to secure the needed loan. But this Elizabethan-era angel finds out divine interference can have its drawbacks if she isn't careful. So how can she help Susan keep her ranch and win Hunter's heart? It's not as easy as she'd first thought, and Tabitha quickly realizes that love on earth is no easier in the nineteenth century than it was in the sixteenth century. What she needs to bring these two together requires a little...Touch of Heaven


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