Paranormal Romance

The Sparrow and the Vixens Three (Tales of the Sparrow)
The Sparrow and the Vixens Three (Tales of the Sparrow)

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Lynda Miller

Book Two of Tales of the Sparrow

Jillie Hart (code name—the Sparrow) teams up with mysterious agent and shapeshifter Griff Ryland, (aka The Hawk) for the NAS agency (Normal, Abnormal and Strange) in the case of the deadly Carmaletta Choker.

Now the choker's curse is more powerful than ever, and the universe hovers on the brink of collapse. While most of the world remains unaware, in Hollywood, a new production company is casting a film about a necklace with mystical powers—a tale eerily reminiscent of the Carmaletta Choker. Jillie and Griff are determined to stay close to the action, so they pair up again under the guise of shooting a documentary—this one on the making of the new film.

They are unaware that Declan, the sinister shape shifter who had previously possessed the necklace, and Gailyn, an ancient earth mother who dwells in The Garden of the Gods, have teamed up with three Japanese werefoxes who are masquerading as stunningly beautiful women. Their plan? To seduce Griff into joining the side of evil and helping them recover the necklace.

Conflicted by her mixed feelings of love, desire and anger toward Griff’s betrayal, Jillie has no choice...To save the world, The Sparrow must first save The Hawk. And to do that, she's going to have to prove to the seductive werefoxes—and herself—that what Griff needs is real woman!

Lynda Miller began her professional career as a junior high school English teacher in Westminster, Colorado. Her interest in language and cognitive development led her to graduate studies, which culminated in a PhD in language development and disorders and learning disabilities. She has held teaching positions at the University of Colorado, the University of Montana, and the University of Texas at Austin, where she pursued her research on cognition, learning styles, and intelligence. Her research and teaching focused on identifying and describing students learning strengths and abilities, and on translating that information into instructional strategies designed to support students developing skills as motivated, self-responsible learners. Miller is the author of numerous publications on a variety of topics, the majority of which focus on the learner and learning as the essential features of successful instruction.


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