Paranormal Romance

Wiccan Shadows (The Wiccan Sisterhood)
Wiccan Shadows (The Wiccan Sisterhood)

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Lori J. Schiele

Book One of the Wiccan Sisterhood

Something evil is waiting for her to make a choice.

When the high priestess of the Laurel Tree Coven suddenly disappears, Alex Grisham and her Wiccan sisters race against time to find her, even as a sinister power tries to thwart them. If they fail to solve the mystery before the festival day of Samhain, the world is doomed.

Alex’s emotional search leads to her live-in boyfriend, Glenn, and Dan, a sexy animal control officer with too many dark secrets. She’s torn between loving them both, but now she knows that one of them is the source of the unspeakable evil and plans to unleash it on mankind.

But which man is it?


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