New Adult/Erotica

The Club: Ace (The Club)
The Club: Ace (The Club)

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Jenna Elliot

Book Two of The Club Series

Her name was Emme. Girl next door, thrill-seeker, open and eager for everything she could learn from my club, Command Performance. Everything she could learn from me. Sensations she could only imagine in her wildest fantasies. Acts of submission that would change her forever.

But she’s playing me. A level one candidate is playing me. A neophyte.

I might laugh except I’m intrigued. It’s been so long since anyone’s caught my attention.

Emme submits. Obeys.

Yet challenges me at the same time. Her brightness calls to something dark in my soul, shines light into a past best left unexplored.

But how is that even possible?

No one gets that close. My past is my past. Dark. Lethal. Hellish. I am what I am.

I warned her. The rest is up to her.


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