Urban Fantasy

Forever Crossed
Forever Crossed

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A. Leigh Jones

Welcome to the Triangle, where wereleopards romp, the dead talk back, and blood-thirsty predators stalk through the city's darkest hours.But when the doors open at Forever Crossed, the only funeral home in the Carolinas with an anti-rising guarantee, Olivia Peters is ready for anything the night may bring. At least she thinks she is. Between dating the wereleopard's Ra'Jahn and working for the city's Undead Ruler, her world is a whole lot more dangerous than it used to be.And to top it all off, the wereleopards believe that she’s the Shaman of their prophesies, a being who is neither human nor wereleopard but something else, something entirely new. Olivia denies this connection, but she can’t deny the claim their leader is making on her heart...


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