Holiday Romance

The Wrong Christmas Carol
The Wrong Christmas Carol

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J.A. Ferguson

When Gabby D'Angelo's car is stolen, she doesn't expect it to be returned with a baby in it. Baby Carol was born on Christmas and wears a hospital bracelet stating her mother is Gabby D'Angelo. But how is that possible? Gabby wasn't pregnant, so why does everyone suddenly believe the baby is hers?

Mike Archer doesn't believe the baby is Gabby's. He's kept a close eye on the woman who lives across the hall from him, and he knows she wasn't pregnant. Yet, why is everything falling into place-from children's services to her work-to make it seem as if baby Carol truly does belong to Gabby? Mike is a doctor, so he suggests a DNA test to prove to everyone, including Gabby, that Carol really belongs to someone else. But Mike is in for a big surprise because the facts aren't quite what they seem.

An old man's heartfelt Christmas prayer has combined with an angelic mistake to create a miracle that could prove to be the greatest gift of all if only Gabby and Mike will open their hearts and take a chance on a very special holiday love.


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