Contemporary Romance

A Love Through All Time
A Love Through All Time

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Jean Nash

The past is never far away...

When Andrea Morrow moves to Manhattan to pursue an acting career, she’s baffled by the sudden flashbacks she experiences. It’s as if she’s suddenly been transported to an earlier era. Still, though the strange visions are disturbing, she isn’t going to let them stop her.

Unexpectedly, she wins the lead in a television miniseries about a fact-based love triangle and murder that happened almost a century ago. When filming begins, Andrea is thrown into daily contact with Justin Dinehart and Paul Salinger. And before long, the three are involved in a dangerous love triangle of their own.

Tensions mount on the set. Justin, in a jealous rage, tries to kill Paul, which sends Andrea catapulting into a spontaneous past life regression. There she learns that she, Justin, and Paul were involved in a tragedy that now threatens to ravage their present lives.

Is Andrea doomed to repeat the past? Or will she find a way for her and her true love to change their destinies for good?

Jean Nash has lived in New Jersey most of her life. Many of her vacations are spent traveling to historic sites with her husband, gathering research for her novels. For relaxation Jean likes to read biographies and histories, surf the internet, and play Scrabble and Backgammon. But writing is the activity which gives her the most pleasure.


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