Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance

Rainscape (In the Rain)
Rainscape (In the Rain)

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Jaye Roycraft

Book One of the In the Rain Series

Rookie investigator Dina Marlijn’s dream has come true. She’s been assigned her first outworld homicide case with her favorite partner, Jon Rzije. Arriving on the tiny desert world of Exodus, Jon is the only man who knows Dina’s secret--that she’s a telepath with powers dangerously close to those of the Dark Star dens, a telepathic race so hated they’ve been banned from Synergy Worlds as "Dark Outworlders." There’s one secret Dina keeps even from Jon.

No one hates the dens more than Dina. But soon after arriving, the dream investigation goes awry. Dina is attacked and left for dead, only to be rescued by Rayn DeStar, enigmatic leader of a band of desert misfits. An outlaw on Exodus, on the run from his own homeworld, Rayn is a dens.Dina counters the seduction of Rayn’s golden eyes by manipulating him into helping with her investigation, but soon she wonders who is exploiting whom? The telepathic "bond" she shares with Rayn draws her deeper and deeper into a web of desire, mistrust, and betrayal. Can listening to her heart extricate her from the lies surrounding her? Or will her longing to connect with a soul mate be the bait that lures her into the ultimate trap of deception?Time is running out for Dina and Rayn, and the choices they must make will mean life or death for themselves and those around them...


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