Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance

Winged Victory (The Valtar)
Winged Victory (The Valtar)

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L.F. Hampton

Book One of The Valtar Series

A forbidden love that will rock the galaxy. . .

Medtech Abbie Brown is traveling to the distant planet of Valtar, an ancient, maledominated world, hoping to discover why the Valtarie face extinction. Despite their charm and good looks, Abby knows the silverwinged Valtarie are not angels, but they can't really be vampires, as she's heard. Could they?

Traveen, second son of Valtar's ruler, pilots the crystal ship escorting Abbie. Valtarie Law forbids males to touch a female-especially a human one. To do so means death. But when a storm forces them to crash land on a deserted ice planet, Traveen has no choice but to touch Abbie to keep her alive. Abbie survives, and she rescues Traveen from execution. But after they escape, Abbie finds herself falling for her handsome protector.

But is she really in love? Or would Traveen's hypnotic eyes and sexy voice be irresistible to females of any race. . .

L.F. Hampton is a Southern California writer living with her husband and two rescued fur babies. She has worked in a variety of careers ranging from library clerk to a major city's first female business license inspector to a nail shop owner. But, her passion is creating new worlds filled with aliens in fantasy situations of intrigue and romance. She has a deep love of anything mystical, and her love of writing is only surpassed by her love of reading.


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