Mantrap (The Boston Uncommons Mysteries)
Mantrap (The Boston Uncommons Mysteries)

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Arlene Kay

Book Two of The Boston Uncommons Mystery Series

Eja and Demming are taking this mystery out for a spin!

Munitions heir Dario Peters has a yen for competitive cycling and cash. When he suffers a fatal crash on a Cape Cod bike path, everyone calls it a tragic accident. But his doting grandma knows better.

Persus Cantor begs amateur sleuths Eja Kane and Deming Swann—her nephew—to come to Bayview and investigate the case. The newly engaged duo finds that Dario was a ne’er-do-well with a host of enemies in the upscale Cape Cod village. A scheming psychic, an enraged environmentalist, and a greedy realtor all wanted him dead, not to mention his tempestuous wife, Paloma.

Through it all, Eja and Deming continue their sizzling romance. Only a brainy bestselling author like Eja can match a man like Deming, whose movie star looks, smarts, and sophistication are enough to dazzle even the bad guys.


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