Paranormal Romance

A Twist in Time
A Twist in Time

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Candice Kohl

A YOUNG CAREER WOMAN, FLUNG BACKWARD THROUGH TIME...Judy Lambini crash-lands in the Middle Ages, clutching a tote bag filled with her life's essentials—from makeup and razor to laptop and cell phone. All of which are either useless or quickly used up, and all of which seem tangible proof of her sorcery. Only one man believes Judy is not a witch, and his faith in her wins her heart. But is their love strong enough to hold her in that distant time and place?

A LANDLESS KNIGHT IN NEED OF A WELL-DOWERED BRIDE...Andrew of Laycock finds himself smitten with a wandering waif who has no kin, let alone a dowry. She speaks oddly, clothes herself like a boy, and carries a satchel filled with curious devices. Judith claims to come from a future Andrew cannot truly fathom. But as she's made her way to him through the centuries, he vows never to lose her, not to another man nor even to another age...


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