Paranormal Romance

Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits

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Beth Ciotta and Cynthia Valero

Sequel to Scandalous Spirits

Amazing Grace...What kind of paranormal prank is this, anyway?

Shoved from the tower of the haunted Van Buren mansion, 21st century chick magnet Rufus Sinclair wonders how in Hades he's landed in Atlantic City in the Roaring Twenties. Why does he have to be the one to help wayward flapper Izzy Van Buren find redemption? Worse, why does he have to go and fall for flirtatious Izzy's best friend, daredevil barnstormer Grace LaRue? Even in her tomboy togs and aviator goggles, needs-a-man-like-bees-need-knees Grace instantly kindles his erotic interest—then hijacks his love-proof heart. It's almost as if he's lived—and loved her—before.

She Dubbed Him Ace...Who is this sheik-sexy stranger who appears out of nowhere, claiming amnesia and wearing pilot's wings? A gift from above, sent to help restore her stunt pilot reputation? Or a Federal agent intent on bringing down her scandalous friends? All Grace knows for sure is that the zing-zap electricity shooting between her and Ace threatens to short-circuit her self-control.

Kindred Spirits?...With the friction between them mounting, Rufus risks life and limb to wing-walk on Grace's Word War I biplane...slow dances and swills bootleg hooch with her in an all-night speakeasy...and creates a media frenzy guaranteed to restore her rep as the East Coast's best aviatrix. Together, they generate enough sexual heat to melt Grace's fear-driven defenses and his no-strings-attached armor. But his panic grows by the hour. He dreads he'll be blown back to the future, failing to save Izzy...and leaving his amazing Grace—and his heart—behind.


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