Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance

Crystal Moon (The Moon)
Crystal Moon (The Moon)

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Elysa Hendricks

Book Two of The Moon Series

On Tareth, the small country of Dramon is in the throes of a rebellion. When Sianna DiSanti is called home from the semi-religious order where her father has hidden her since birth, she is eager to know her estranged father and become part of a loving family. His plan to use her as a marriage pawn in his quest for power devastates her. While seeking comfort in the garden, she is mistaken for her half-sister and abducted by her father's enemies.

Kyne Cathor lusts for vengeance against DiSanti, the man who murdered his brother and threw Dramon into turmoil. To draw DiSanti into the open and restore the country to peace, Kyne uses Sianna as bait. Though she proclaims her innocence, Kyne believes she might be pregnant with his brother's child. To keep her half-sister safe and protect herself, Sianna conceals her true identity. Once at the rebel stronghold, Sianna's gentle, innocent, nature and heroic actions fuel Kyne's growing attraction to a woman he can never have and puts them both in jeopardy.


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