Paranormal Romance

Afterimage (The Image Series)
Afterimage (The Image Series)

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Jaye Roycraft

Book Two of The Image Series

Nothing is going well for Alek Dragovich, enforcer for the Undead. His position in the Directorate is in jeopardy, but he has little interest in the Directorate’s schemes until someone tries to kill him.

Dhampir Marya Jaks, the offspring of a vampire and his mortal wife, can detect vampires, thereby making her a perfect vampire killer. When Marya learns that Drago has deemed her a threat to the vampire community and has ordered her termination, she strikes back.

Drago, the hunter, has become the hunted. But is it Marya who wants him dead… or another mysterious power-hungry vampire?

Jaye Roycraft, a former big-city police officer in Wisconsin, has incorporated her police procedural knowledge into her stories of the undead, creating urban fantasies that twist together modern realism with history. Jaye, author of ten novels, has presented numerous workshops for writers both online and at conferences, has been a contest judge, and has been a featured panelist at Dragon*Con. Jaye recently moved from the frozen tundra and now lives in sunny Arizona.


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