Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance

Rainscape (Rain)
Rainscape (Rain)

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Jaye Roycraft

Book One of The Rain Series

Outlaw telepath Rayn DeStar has discovered the perfect hiding place . . . a home in the wasteland of Exodus. But his peaceful anonymity comes to an abrupt end when murder brings interplanetary investigators to the desert. Rayn has little interest in the crime but a great deal in the female telepath providence has sent him. Dina's strength awakens in him the lust for power and dominance he's fought against his entire life.

Rookie agent Dina Marlijn arrives on Exodus carrying as many secrets as she hopes to unravel. She hides the fact that she’s a telepath from everyone but her partner, for her abilities are close to those of the Dark Star dens, a race so hated they’re banned from Synergy Worlds. But there’s one secret Dina keeps even from her partner. No one hates the dens more than she does.

When her prime suspect, a dens calling himself Rayn DeStar, saves her life, Dina pursues him for answers. With her investigative and telepathic skills, she believes she can manipulate him into helping her. When Rayn counters with lies, she expects nothing less, but when their telepathic “bond” leads her down a path of both physical and mental seduction, she’s unprepared for the consequences. Trapped in a web of desire, mistrust, and betrayal, Dina crosses all the lines she never thought she would . . .

Jaye Roycraft, wasn’t sure what she wanted to be when she grew up. A teacher? Not for long. A salesclerk? Not again! A computer systems analyst? Better! But that career, as good as it was, was a victim of a mid-life crisis. The answer? Start two new careers after the age of forty.Jaye became a big-city police officer at forty-one, shocking friends and family. But as challenging as that job was, something was missing in her life.


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