Paranormal Romance

Shadow Image (The Image Series)
Shadow Image (The Image Series)

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Jaye Roycraft

Book Three of The Image Series

Shelby Cort has had enough of working for a big-city police department. Ricard De Chaux is the notorious le docteur la mort. They meet in the small town of Shadow Bay, Michigan-Shelby as Sheriff and Ric as the new county medical examiner. When dead bodies start to pop up in unlikely places and the killings go unsolved, Shelby finds an ally in the new ME.

But Shelby doesn't know is that the killer isn't human or that the cool, collected Dr. De Chaux is by night Doctor Death, the new Overlord of the local Undead, whose top priority is to protect his new charges. Doctor Death hides one piece of evidence after another from the Sheriff, as all the while Ric fills Shelby's off-duty time with longing and passion. When the killer goes after Shelby and all Ric's secrets are on the line, where will his allegiance fall?

Jaye Roycraft, a former Milwaukee police officer, has incorporated her police procedural knowledge and experience into her books, beginning with her debut novel Rainscape, a combination of romance, mystery, and science fiction.


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