Regency/Historical Romance

Marry Me, Millie (The Dunsworthy Brides)
Marry Me, Millie (The Dunsworthy Brides)

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Jo Ann Ferguson

Book Three of the Dunsworthy Brides

Millicent Dunsworthy has done her duty by seeing that her two nieces have made good matches. She does not expect to make one of her own, though, until a very determined Alexander, Lord Marlesquin comes back into her life.

Even though Lord Marlesquin recently inherited his title, he still prefers being called “Quinn.” Not because he is accustomed to the nickname, but because he cannot forget how Millicent once whispered that name as he held her in his arms. He had to let her go fifteen years ago, but now she is back in town and more desirable than ever.

Both Millicent and Quinn know the love they share has not diminished, but the secret that drove them apart remains unresolved. Yet, Quinn knows he cannot let her leave him again. But how can he say, “Marry me, Millie,” when divulging his secret is sure to break her heart?


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