Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance

A War of Hearts
A War of Hearts

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Laurie Carroll

In love and war...

After fighting abroad for years, Sir Jeremy Blaine simply hopes to retire to a life of peace. But the lands promised to Jeremy have been stolen. He has no choice but to fight again, this time for his legacy.

Healer Alicen Kent promised her dying mother that she’d remain neutral in any conflict. But when Jeremy Blaine brings her a critically wounded nobleman, Alicen has no choice but to help. Even if the injured man is part of the reason conflict is ravaging her shire.

Dedicated to her healing, Alicen wants no husband.

Determined to win back his land, Sir Jeremy has no interest in a wife.

But other forces—haunting and supernatural—are at work in their lives. While warfare rages on the battlefield, Alicen and Jeremy draw their own lines in the sand. And before long, the only question is: who will win this War of Hearts?


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