Paranormal Romance

Fate\'s Fortune
Fate's Fortune

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Laurie Carroll

Love and revenge on the high seas...

Five years after a tragic shipwreck, Meghan Windgate finally understands the reason for her terrible nightmares. In her dreams, the ghost of her murdered father is calling her to avenge him and her twin brother. But her father’s enemy is powerful, very powerful. What can a young woman like Meg do to win back her legacy and bring peace to her father and brother’s restless souls?

Hugh Stevens has returned to England after spending twelve years in America to right a terrible wrong and recover two priceless family heirlooms. Meg Windgate was eight years old when he last saw her. Now she’s a woman grown. And Hugh finds himself strongly attracted to the daughter of one of the men he was sworn to ruin.

When Hugh discovers he and Meg have a common enemy, he suggests pooling their resources. She refuses. Instead, she goes to sea to pirate their enemy’s ships and bring down his empire from afar. Hugh, convinced Meg and he are fated to be together, strives to help her in any way he can.

But he doesn’t know the secret she keeps from him. A secret that could destroy both of their lives...


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