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Midnight Shadows (Touched by Midnight)
Midnight Shadows (Touched by Midnight)

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Nancy Gideon

Book Seven in the Touched by Midnight series

She doesn’t believe in monsters . . .

Myth-busting ethnologist, Sheba Reynard's life's work is proving that destructive paranormal beings don’t exist. But while exposing hoaxes, she's also hiding from the frightening shadows in her past that say differently. To find the missing pieces of her memory that continue to haunt her dreams, she must face the truth behind the nightmares . . . a truth that could lead to madness or even death.

He doesn’t believe in death . . .

Frank Cobb knows monsters are very, very real. He's pursued a wily vampire into the jungles of Peru, prepared to face the demon with only his very human skill set. But are his motives—to bring the creature back for government research—purely business or for revenge? Either way, he’s not happy to have an annoyingly strong-willed—and utterly irresistible—woman getting in his way.

Forced together by circumstance, they venture into the shadowy unknown. Only it soon becomes clear that one of them will have to surrender their quest . . . if the other one is to make it out alive.

Nancy Gideon is the award-winning author of more than fifty-five novels ranging from historical and contemporary suspense to paranormal, including her Touched by Midnight vampire romance series.


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