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Silk and Magic: Book One
Silk and Magic: Book One

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Rebecca York, Rickey Mallory, Brandy Lee

Enter a world filled with extraordinary passion and the magic of love...

Dangerous Seduction

by Ruth Glick writing as Rebecca York

Catherine Emerson’s nights are haunted by a dream lover who introduces her to a world of passion she never knew existed. But is her dream lover a figment of her imagination, or a real-life man who is invading her mind and placing them both in mortal danger...

Silver Dark Blue Light

by Rickey Mallory

Eva Quintana has a secret past that she no longer shares because people think she's crazy. But when her boyfriend dumps her because her past interferes with their love life, she turns to therapist Dr. Seain Jones for help. However, Dr. Jones offers her more than counseling. He introduces her to a sensual world that makes her forget the past. What Eva doesn’t know is that Dr. Jones has a secret of his own that will change her life forever...

Sweet Surrender

by Brandy Lee

Historian Laura Linden is in love with Logan Jackson. The problem is Logan has been dead for more than 100 years. When Laura is transported back in time, she finds herself in Logan ’s arms. He thinks she’s the “lady of the evening” that his cousin hired to entertain Logan for what may well be the last night of his life. Laura doesn’t deny his belief because she’ll do anything—even turn herself into Logan’s love slave—to save his life...


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