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Daughter of J\'Tar
Daughter of J'Tar

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Shay Lacy

Sequel to J'Tar

When Arkady meets Riana, he knows why he's been given the gift of healing magic. She's a J'Tar, a shapeshifter, part human, part Jaxtar. She's also royal niece of the ruler, angry daughter, and bereaved mother of Jaxtar kits who left her when weaned. She's wild with anger, grief and the desire to be free.

The healer's apprentice offers Riana healing, then friendship, then himself as sire for her human children.and to be her lover. Riana takes the bait of a human pregnancy, but one night with Arkady explodes into passion she cannot live without. Still, she won't let any man cage her.

Arkady has secrets. He is a Jaxtar in a human body whose destiny is to be the J'Tar's mate. He is full of untapped magic he cannot use. He's formed a mate bond with Riana that she fears will steal her freedom. But he'll do anything to win her love-vanquish her fears, help her find her kits, make her mindless with passion. Riana is a woman worth winning and his secrets will make him the victor.


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