New Adult/Erotica


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Shay Lacy

Treaty talks bring Amara to Rubiya, a country rumored to sacrifice royal children to wild Jaxtar cats. More rumors abound about a half man, half Jaxtar called J'Tar. When Amara meets the J'Tar, a man named Curran, he is a warrior trained to protect his brother, Rubiya's ruler. She cannot believe the rumors. But she witnesses his shapeshifting and is horrified. She cannot reconcile the wild Jaxtar with the dangerous man who fascinates her. Curran is attracted to Amara's strength and honor in her role as bodyguard to the ambassador's wife. He sees himself reflected in her. She is his other half. The Jaxtar part of him sees his mate. Despite his vow of loyalty and service to his brother, Amara begins to consume a larger part of his heart and thoughts. Bit by bit, Amara and Curran give in to the passionate hunger they feel towards each other, a passion they cannot control. They will have to face poachers, hidden desires, secret fears and even the threat of death if they want to be together. And Amara will find that to love Curran is to love all that he is, even his Jaxtar half.


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