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Magic for Joy
Magic for Joy

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Holly Jacobs

Book Two of the Dear Fairy Godmother series

The fairies are back! And they're determined to see that another Aaronson sibling bites the matrimonial bullet. Whether she enjoys the experience or not.

Joy Aaronson is an accident waiting to happen. but she's long since learned to accept her ability to create catastrophes. She doesn't need help-especially not fairy help. But that's just what she's getting, like it or not.

Joy has always felt like a bit of an outsider, until she connects with a little girl who desperately needs her. Now, she'll do whatever it takes to help Sophie...even if that means dealing with Sophie's stern but sexy father.

She's not the least bit worried that the fairies believe Gabriel is her own Prince Charming. After all, he's described her as "comfortable!" That doesn't sound like a match made in heaven. But the fairies are sure that Gabriel St. John will turn from a toad into a prince as soon as he falls in love with Joy. In fact, they're counting on it.

And what the fairies want, the fairies get...

Award winning author Holly Jacobs has sold more than two and a half million books worldwide. Along with her family and her cover model dogs, she resides in Erie, Pennsylvania, which serves as the setting for many of her stories, including her Dear Fairy Godmother series.


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