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White Hot Weekends: Book One
White Hot Weekends: Book One

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Caryn Carter

Two erotic romances in one book.


Jazz pianist Eric Sweeney is at the end of a six-month gig at The Heritage Jazz Club in Manhattan. His thirty-fifth birthday is fast approaching and he still hasn't experienced the fantastically wild sex of his dreams. What better gift to himself than a weekend under the tutelage of the sexiest woman he's ever met-the woman of his sexual fantasies? Angel Duvernay's very conventional life has just been turned upside down. She may be dying of a rare blood disorder. This could be her last chance to try some of the things she never dared before. Like take a lover for an erotic, short-term affair. Angel never put a face to her fantasy man, until she's introduced to Eric Sweeney. After a weekend together, will Angel and Eric discover that more than sexual fantasies can come true?


When Dr. Deidre Cummings did research for her Ph.D. in Psychology, she never dreamed it would turn into the best-selling novel, A Woman's Guide to Sex, Love, and Protecting Her Heart. In her book, she warns women that the fastest road to a broken heart is to become involved with wealthy, over-forty, never-married bachelors, three out of four of whom will never commit to a long-term relationship. When Deidre's best friend, the owner of a reputable, upscale escort service for businessmen, asks Deidre to accompany the handsome, wealthy, over-forty, never-married Sean McDougal to an awards banquet, where he is being honored as New Orleans's Philanthropist of the Year, Deidre immediately declines. Then her friend confides that she's financially strapped and desperately needs Deidre's help. When she assures Deidre's anonymity, since all her escorts use alias last names, Deidre reluctantly agrees to help. After all, what could it hurt? She knows all about men like Sean McDougal, and she'd never fall under his spell, no matter how charming he might be. Then Deidre meets Sean, and suddenly she discovers it isn't so easy to practice what she preaches. Even as her mind tells her that he's everything she must avoid like the plague, her heart and body refuse to listen. As Sean seduces her into his bed, she must decide if he is the exception to her rule, or if she's just taken the first step on a fast-track to a shattered heart.


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